Class XRMemberModelTrackerInfoReceivedEvent

Event that is fired when the XRMember receives new data.




id: number
info: any

The newly received data. The following example shows the structure of the data:

// Confidence value of the tracker, normalized
let quality : number = info.quality;
// Tracking state, one of the following:
// TrackingState.Tracking (0) - The model is snapped and was found in the frame
// TrackingState.Critical (1) - The model is snapped but was not found in the frame
// TrackingState.Lost (2) - The model is not snapped and not found
let state : TrackingState = info.state;
// Inflight count of hypothesis renderer
let inflight_count : number = info.inflight_count;
// Debug Infos from Tracker service, e.g. after TrackerRequest
let messages : string[] = info.messages;


transactionCode?: string
transactionID?: number
type?: EventType
xrMemberId: number

The id of the XRMember.

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