instant3Dhub License Server on Ubuntu#

This document contains information on how to install Postgres service and License Server on Ubuntu. Here are reflected only the most crucial details specific to Ubuntu. Complete installation process can be found on the main page (instant3Dhub License Server).


Using local PostgreSQL instance#

Install PostgreSQL (we suggest to install version 14):

apt install -y postgresql-14 postgresql-contrib

Initialize and check the PostgreSQL-service (must be active and running):

systemctl restart postgresql
systemctl enable postgresql
systemctl status postgresql

Install the License Server#

Threedy does not provide Debian packages, therefore we will use the tool ‘alien’ to convert RPM package to DED format.

Download the desired version of the License Server package for CentOS:


Convert the RPM-package to DEB-format:

alien /root/source_files/license_server_ubuntu/instant3Dhub-licenseServer-CentOS-Linux-7-x64.x.x.rpm

Install the package:

dpkg -i /root/source_files/license_server_ubuntu/instant3dhub-licenseserver-centos-linux-7-x64_x.x-2_amd64.deb

The License Server can be launched (must be active and running):

systemctl restart instant3DhubLicenseServer{RemoteDB}.service
systemctl status instant3DhubLicenseServer{RemoteDB}.service


If the License Server cannot be launched then add the user instant3dhub with permissions as follows:

adduser -u 901 --gecos "" --disabled-password instant3dhub

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