This tutorial explains how to create and restore snapshots reflecting the current state of the 3D space and the 3D view. A snapshot can be created, edited, restored or removed using the Snapshot tab of the tools of the user interface.


User Interface#

The user interface provides the functionality to easily create and restore snapshots, e.g. by clicking the snapshot button in the toolbox which can be found on the right side of the screen:


The snapshot button on the right side creates a snapshot of the current view.

This functionality is also available in the Snapshot tab located at the bottom of the screen. The button to create a new snapshot looks like this:


Once a snapshot is created, a new widget appears in the toolbox at the bottom showing a thumbnail of the view. Clicking on the close button in the top right corner will delete the snapshot.

Using the API#

To create snapshots with a script, please refer to the SessionStorageAPI.

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