Guide: running instant3Dhub with Grafana#

Read First#

This section explains how to enable Grafana for instant3Dhub. As Grafana uses AGPL it is not directly packaged with a regular installation. Grafana serves as a tracing and debugging tool to diagnose functional or performance issues.

instant3Dhub configuration#

The Grafana image is not hosted on the Threedy image repository. The official docker image hosted on is used by default. In order to copy the image to a local registry, the following script can transfer the image to your repository via docker:

docker pull
docker image ${TARGET_IMAGE_REGISTRY_HOST}/grafana/grafana:9.1.6
docker push ${TARGET_IMAGE_REGISTRY_HOST}/grafana/grafana:9.1.6

Grafana is disabled by default. The following options must be set in values.yaml to enable Grafana support:

# Controls third party system tracing and logging.

  # Options for deploying services required for integrated tracing and metrics
  # dashboards.

    # Whether this option is enabled. This does not include Grafana. Metrics
    # must be manually explored via the Prometheus GUI. Traces must be manually
    # explored via the Jaeger GUI.
    enabled: true

    # Settings for deploying Grafana.

      # Whether grafana should be enabled. This also deploys dashboards detailing
      # system performance regarding transcoding, service runtimes, error rates
      # and memory usage. Additionally, metrics are linked to traces to allow
      # detailed inspection of internals for given metrics.
      enabled: true

      # Which Grafana image to use. The image is not hosted on the Threedy registry
      # as it is AGPL licensed.

Or, alternatively, via Helm

# helm chart parameter
helm install --set tracing.withIntegrated.enabled=true --set tracing.withIntegrated.grafana.enabled=true ...

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