Enumeration UISetting

Enumeration Members

ADD_BUTTON_ENABLED: "addButtonEnabled"

Enables/disables the Add button in webvis-full

ALLOW_ANNOTATIONS_FROM_UNTRUSTED_SOURCE: "allowAnnotationsFromUntrustedSource"

Enables/Disables content validation for annotations from an untrusted source

ANNOTATION_EDITING_ENABLED: "annotationEditingEnabled"

Enables/Disables the Annotation editing on double-click

BRANDING_LABEL: "brandingLabel"

Label used for branding. It is shown as an HTML link on the viewer and linked to BRANDING_URL.


URL to which the Branding Label points.

CAPPING_CREATION_ENABLED: "cappingCreationEnabled"

Enables/Disables Capping Geometry creation

CIRCLE_UNIT: "circleUnit"

Specifies unit used to visualize circle properties.

CONTEXT_MENU_ENABLED: "contextMenuEnabled"

Enables/Disables the default ContextMenu

CONTEXT_MENU_FUNCTION: "contextMenuFunction"

A function to modify the context menu's contents

CUSTOM_ICON_MAP: "customIconMap"

Allows to add custom UI icons

CUSTOM_TOOLBAR_ICON_MAP: "customToolbarIconMap"

Custom Toolbar Icons

CUSTOM_TREE_ICON_MAP: "customTreeIconMap"


HOVERING_LABEL_MODE: "hoveringLabelMode"

Mode selection for hovering label

LABEL_TOOLTIP_ENABLED: "labelTooltipEnabled"

Enables or disables the display of the 3D label tooltip.

LABEL_TOOLTIP_FUNCTION: "labelTooltipFunction"

A function to define the content of tooltips.

LANGUAGE: "language"

Sets the language for the UI s.

LOG_LEVEL: "uiLogLevel"

Sets the log level for the UI.

MODELVIEW_PRINT_CONTENT_FUNCTION: "modelviewPrintContentFunction"

Specifies a function which returns additional content for the modelview printing Function signature is function(context:contextAPI, nodeID:number, modelViewID:number) : Promise

MODELVIEW_PRINT_RESOURCE_NAME_FUNCTION: "modelviewPrintResourceNameFunction"

Specifies a function which returns custom name for the resource drop-down of the ModelViewPrintDialog Function signature is function(context:contextAPI, nodeID:number) : Promise

NOTIFICATION_FILTER: "notificationFilter"

Specifies a list of UINotificationLevels which should be displayed.


Enables or disables the automatic opening of the VariantsDialog for added Models which includes Variant information.

PRINT_LAYOUT: "printLayout"

Sets the print layout potrait / landscape

PRINT_QUALITY: "printQuality"

Sets the print quality

SESSION_STORAGE_ENABLED: "sessionStorageEnabled"

Enable/Disable the session storage.

SHARE_SESSION_ENABLED: "shareSessionEnabled"

Enables or disables session sharing

TREEVIEW_FILTER_FUNCTION: "treeViewFilterFunction"

A filtering function which simply defines whether a node, given as argument, should be visible in the tree view. The function returns false for nodes, which should be hidden. Instead, the children of the affected node will be displayed, unless they are also hidden by the filtering function.

The respective node will be shown if it has no children

The function can return a boolean or a promise-like returning a boolean.

UNIT: "unit"

Sets the unit for data inside the webVis UI.

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