Interface FrameAPI

The FrameAPI provides functionalities to register and unregister custom callback functions which are executed on every run of the ContextAPI internal update loop.


// Create an instance of the ContextAPI
const myContext : ContextAPI = webvis.createContext( "example" )

// Define your frame listener
const myFrameListener : FrameListener = ( time : number, elapsed : number ) =>
console.log(`Current time ${time} ms. Time since last call ${elapsed} ms.`);

// Register your frame listener
myContext.registerFrameListener( myFrameListener );

// Unregister your frame listener
myContext.registerFrameListener( myFrameListener );



  • Registers a listener function which get called once per internal update tick.


    Returns void

  • Unregisters a previously registered listener via registerFrameListener.


    Returns void

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