The image shows the toolbar of the webvis-app, typically positioned on the right side. The toolbar provides access to the various tools and functions, as displayed with all it’s expanded submenus below.


  1. Selection mode 1. Basic Selection mode 1. Transformation mode (see 3.) 2. Select Area 3. Zoom into selected Are

  2. Fit view to entire scene

  3. Gizmos (please note: a node must be selected as scope for the interaction) 1. Translate Node (transformation mode must be selected) 2. Rotate Node (transformation mode must be selected) 3. Scale Node (transformation mode must be selected) 4. Hide Gizmo (transformation mode must be selected)

  4. Add Snapshot

  5. Add Clipplane 1. Add Clipplane from geometry 2. Add Clipplane from axis

  6. Measurements 1. Single measurement 2. Double measurement 3. Arc measurement

  7. Paint Mode

  8. Share session

  9. Fullscreen

  10. Take Screenshot

  11. Settings

  12. About

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