Type alias ContextMenuCallbackInfo

ContextMenuCallbackInfo: {
    context: webvis.ContextAPI;
    nodeId?: number;
    pointerInfo?: webvis.PointerInfo;
    triggeredBy?: HTMLElement;
    viewer: webvis.ViewerAPI;

Type declaration

  • context: webvis.ContextAPI

    Reference to the related webvis Context.

  • Optional nodeId?: number

    The related NodeId if available.

  • Optional pointerInfo?: webvis.PointerInfo

    Additional pointer information like 3d position, 3d normal, etc. Only available if context menu is opened from the 3d view.

  • Optional triggeredBy?: HTMLElement

    Reference to the HTMLElement which triggered the opening of the context menu.

  • viewer: webvis.ViewerAPI

    Reference to the related webvis Viewer.

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