Type alias ModelTrackerSettings

ModelTrackerSettings: {
    modelTrackingThreshold?: TrackingSettingData;
    smoothness?: TrackingSettingData;

Settings for the model tracker.

Type declaration

  • Optional modelTrackingThreshold?: TrackingSettingData

    The quality threshold for the model tracker. The model tracker will only track the model if the quality is above this threshold. The threshold determines the actual correspondence of the generated line model to the real world. A value of 1 means total correspondence, while a value of zero means no correspondence at all. Depending on that value the tracker will trigger a XRMemberStateChangedEvent event with the SNAPPED to true and FIXATED set to true

  • Optional smoothness?: TrackingSettingData

    The smoothness of the model tracker. This is a normalized input value for smoothing of the incoming tracker pose, so frequent pose adjustments will be smoothed in, instead of applied directly. If the current value is greater than 0, the model tracker will linearly interpolate between the current and the previous pose. A value of 0 will disable pose smoothing and a value of 1.0 will apply maximum smoothness.

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