Interface AnimationAPI

The AnimationAPI provides basic functionalities to define keyframe-based animation sequences. An animation sequence defines a gradual change from one node state to another, whereby a single state is defined by an AnimationFrame which includes different properties to specify the transformation and appearance of a node at that point in time. An animation sequence is independent of a specific node and can be applied to multiple nodes with different AnimationOptions.


// Get an instance of the ContextAPI
const myContext : ContextAPI = webvis.getContext( "example" )

// Create a simple animation sequence which does a full rotation around the Y-axis
myContext.createAnimationFrames( "rotate" , [
{ rotation: [ 0, 0, 0 ] },
{ rotation: [ 0, 180, 0 ] },
{ rotation: [ 0, 360, 0 ] }

// Apply the animation sequence to an InstanceGraph node with a total duration of 1000ms
myContext.setProperty( 1, "animation", {
name : "rotate",
duration : 1000,


Animation sequences that include transformations and are applied to a leaf node cannot yet be visualized by the viewer.



  • Creates a new keyframe-based animation sequence.


    • name: string

      The name of the animation sequence.

    • frames: AnimationFrame[]

      The keyframes of the animation sequence.

    Returns void

  • Removes an existing animation sequence.


    • name: string

      Specifies the name of the animation frames.

    Returns void

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