Type alias QueryCondition

QueryCondition: {
    ancestors?: QueryCondition[];
    and?: QueryCondition[];
    caseSensitive?: boolean;
    contains?: any;
    equals?: Query | string | number;
    equalsAny?: string[];
    extFaceLink?: string;
    faceHandle?: TopologyHandle;
    greaterOrEqualThan?: number;
    greaterThan?: number;
    lessOrEqualThan?: number;
    lessThan?: number;
    linkDepth?: number;
    metadata?: string;
    nodeId?: number;
    nodeType?: "structure" | "aux";
    not?: QueryCondition[];
    or?: QueryCondition[];
    originalFaceID?: number;
    pointsTo?: number;

The available conditions of a query.

Type declaration

  • Optional ancestors?: QueryCondition[]
  • Optional and?: QueryCondition[]
  • Optional caseSensitive?: boolean
  • Optional contains?: any
  • Optional equals?: Query | string | number
  • Optional equalsAny?: string[]
  • Optional extFaceLink?: string
  • Optional faceHandle?: TopologyHandle
  • Optional greaterOrEqualThan?: number
  • Optional greaterThan?: number
  • Optional lessOrEqualThan?: number
  • Optional lessThan?: number
  • Optional linkDepth?: number
  • Optional metadata?: string
  • Optional nodeId?: number
  • Optional nodeType?: "structure" | "aux"
  • Optional not?: QueryCondition[]
  • Optional or?: QueryCondition[]
  • Optional originalFaceID?: number
  • Optional pointsTo?: number

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