Enumeration SettingStrings

Enumeration Members

ADDITIONAL_COOKIES: "additionalCookies"

A list of cookies that are added to all requests.

ADDITIONAL_REQUEST_HEADERS: "additionalRequestHeaders"

Specifies additional request headers


Allows to specify additional key-value pairs passed as query parameters to the WebSocket URI. The following keys are currently not allowed "token", "memberId".

APPLICATION_IDENTIFIER: "applicationIdentifier"

Represents a custom application identifier that is transmitted alongside the usage data to the instant3Dhub.


AUX_MODE_RECURSIVE_SEARCH: "auxModeRecursiveSearch"

Set if aux mode searches attached faces recursively


Uncolor all faces when leaving the aux mode


The endpoint where webvis tries to connect to the booster

CAPPING_GEOMETRY_COLOR: "cappingGeometryColor"

Specifies the color of the capping geometries

CONTEXT_MENU_FUNCTION: "contextMenuFunction"


SettingStrings.CONTEXT_MENU_FUNCTION is deprecated, please use UISetting.CONTEXT_MENU_FUNCTION and the getSetting/setSetting functions on the webvisUI-Object"

A function to modify the context menu's contents This function has as argument: the array with the entries by default of the context menu; and consequently it is expected as a return value, the entries that are wanted to be shown in the context menu:

  1. All default entries will be shown: function(defaultEntries){return defaultEntries}

  2. All default entries will be shown, but without the first entry: function(defaultEntries){ firstEntryPosition = 1; defaultEntries.splice(firstEntryPosition - 1, 1); return defaultEntries; }

  3. Swapping the first and second entries: function(defaultEntries){ firstEntryPosition = 1; secondEntryPosition = 2; firstEntry = defaultEntries.splice(firstEntryPosition - 1, 1)[0]; defaultEntries.splice(secondEntryPosition - 1, 0, firstEntry); return defaultEntries; }

  4. Changing the functionality of the second entry: function(defaultEntries){ secondEntryPosition = 2; secondEntryDefaultCommand = defaultEntries[secondEntryPosition - 1].command; defaultEntries[secondEntryPosition - 1].command = function(nodeId, pickInfo){ console.log("Second Entry was Executed", nodeId, pickInfo); webvis.getProperty(nodeId, "label").then( function(label){ webvis.postInfo("

    Node:" + nodeId + "
    Label:" + label + "
    2D Coords:" + pickInfo.canvasCoords + "
    3D Pos:" + pickInfo.position)+"
    "; }); secondEntryDefaultCommand(); }; return defaultEntries; }

  5. Inserting a new entry in the menu at the third position: function(defaultEntries){ newEntry = { label : "Set Current Language", subEntries : [ { label : "English", command : function(){webvis.changeSetting("language", "en")} }, { label : "Deutsch", command : function(){webvis.changeSetting("language", "de")} }, { label : "Español", command : function(){webvis.changeSetting("language", "es")} } ] }; newEntryPosition = 3; defaultEntries.splice(newEntryPosition - 1, 0, newEntry); return defaultEntries; }

  6. Inserting a new entry in the menu, which will appear only after the condition is fulfilled, (e.g. When the node is an Aux node) function (defaultEntries) { const newEntry = { label : "Custom entry visible only when condition is fulfilled" , command : function(nodeID){webvis.postInfo("Custom entry clicked on Aux node:" + nodeID + "!!!")} , condition : function(nodeID){return webvis.getNodeType(nodeID) == webvis.NodeType.AUX} }; defaultEntries.push(newEntry); return defaultEntries; }

DEFAULT_QUERY_LINK_DEPTH: "defaultQueryLinkDepth"

Default value for the link depth (resource links) for queries

DISABLE_DEFAULT_INTERACTION: "disableDefaultInteraction"

Scaling factor for the the gizmo geometries

FRONT_PLANE_AXIS: "frontPlaneAxis"

Specifies the used coordinate system defined by the given front plane axis

INITIAL_STATE_ACTIVATION: "initialStateActivation"

Check for initial state activation

LOAD_REMOTE_CONFIG_FILE: "loadRemoteConfigFile"

Specifies if the configuration file of the instant3Dhub installation gets applied.

LOG_LEVEL: "logLevel"

Sets the log level

MAX_ACTIVE_SCENE_VOLUME_DIAMETER: "maxActiveSceneVolumeDiameter"

This limits the range of the active scene volume

MAX_CONCURRENT_DOWNLOADS: "maxConcurrentDownloads"

Maximum number of concurrent downloads

MEASUREMENT_ANGULAR_TOLERANCE: "measurementAngularTolerance"

Angular tolerance for measurements, in degrees. This value can be used to treat almost-perpendicular cases as perpendicular, which allows to measure orthogonal distances between almost-perpendicular planes or lines.

MEASUREMENT_MATERIAL_DENSITIES: "measurementMaterialDensities"

Measurement materials densities. The is parsed as JSON and contains a map from material to density factor.

NOTIFICATION_LOG_LEVELS: "notificationLogLevels"


NOTIFICATION_LOG_LEVELS is deprecated, please use UISetting.NOTIFICATION_FILTER and the getSetting/setSetting functions on the webvisUI-Object"

PARENT_SELECT_ENABLED: "parentSelectEnabled"

Enables/disables the parent select feature


Hint about the usage of credentials when issuing HTTP Requests. The given method is used as a first try, the alternative one afterwards, if errors occur.

SESSION_DEVICE_TAGS: "sessionDeviceTags"

Defines additional device tags that are communicated with the session

SESSION_FORWARD_URL: "sessionForwardUrl"

The URL the Session-Handler should forward to

SESSION_INTERACTIONS: "sessionInteractions"

A set of descriptors to interact with session members

SESSION_MEMBER_NAME: "sessionMemberName"

The name that should be used when joining a shared session

SKIP_SSL_VERIFY: "skipSslVerify"

Ignore unauthorized certificates when running in node

SLAM_PROVIDER_TYPE: "slamProviderType"

This is for development - Slam provider setting. Possible values: "sequence" If you use "sequence" a pre recorded tracking sequence will be played in the background, to enable application developers an easy way to develop AR experiences You can specify additional parameters by appending them to with semicolon: manifest by appending the url to the manifest after a semicolon. E.g.: sequence;url=;fps=30

Possible Parameters are: url: Url to manifest.json for imageSequence(escaped url) fps: playback fps for image sequence startIndex: Start Index for image sequence endIndex: End Index for image sequence

SNAPSHOT_CONTENT_SELECTION: "snapshotContentSelection"

sets the default loading behaviour on SnapshotRestore

URI_MAP: "uriMap"

A map to rewrite the uri to the network

XR_ENABLED: "xrEnabled"

Enables or disables XR

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