Type alias MeasurementProperties

MeasurementProperties: {
    anchorPosition?: [number, number, number] | Float32Array;
    connectedNodeIds?: number[];
    contentOffset?: [number, number, number] | Float32Array;
    enabled?: boolean;
    name?: string;
    result?: MeasurementResult;
    state?: MeasurementState;
    targets?: MeasurementTarget[];
    type?: MeasurementType;

Type declaration

  • Optional anchorPosition?: [number, number, number] | Float32Array

    The anchor position of the Measurement-Annotation.


  • Optional Readonly connectedNodeIds?: number[]
  • Optional contentOffset?: [number, number, number] | Float32Array

    The content offset of the Measurement-Annotation.


  • Optional enabled?: boolean

    The enabled state of the Measurement-Annotation.


  • Optional name?: string

    The name of the Measurement.


  • Optional Readonly result?: MeasurementResult

    The result of Measurement

  • Optional Readonly state?: MeasurementState

    The state of the Measurement.

  • Optional Readonly targets?: MeasurementTarget[]

    The targets of the Measurement.

  • Optional Readonly type?: MeasurementType

    The type of the Measurement.

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