Interface SessionStorageAPI

With these functions the user can control webvis' management of SessionStorage objects and Snapshots.

The Session describes the whole state of the 3D Space, which can be shared, stored and restored. Snapshot are a subset of a 3D Space and describe a momentary state, which can include other elements of the 3D Space like Clipplanes and Measurements.



  • Changes one or more properties of a Snapshot with the specified ID.


    • snapshotID: number

      The ID of the Snapshot you want to change.

    • properties: SnapshotProperties

      The properties of the Snapshot you want to change.

    Returns SnapshotProperties

    An object with the changed Properties.

  • This changes the textual description of the Snapshot for given snapshotID to the value of text.


    • snapshotID: number

      The ID of the Snapshot.

    • Optional name: string

      The new name of the Snapshot.

    • Optional screenshotURL: string

      The new screenshot URL of the Snapshot.

    • Optional order: number

      The order inside the List of Snapshots.

    Returns SnapshotProperties


    Calling changeSnapshot with single parameters is deprecated, please use SnapshotProperties instead.

  • Creates a Snapshot of the current.


    • Optional name: string

      The Name of the Snapshot.

    • Optional options: SnapshotCreationOptions

      Options used for the Snapshot creation.

    Returns Promise<number>

    The Snapshot ID.

  • Parameters

    • snapshotID: number

    Returns {
        attachmentID: number;
        name: string;
        order: number;

    The data of the specified Snapshot.

    • attachmentID: number
    • name: string
    • order: number


    getSnapshotData is deprecated, please use requestSnapshotData instead.

  • Returns the ids of all available Snapshots.

    Returns number[]

    The ids of all available Snapshots.

  • Imports a session from the data string of the given format. Supported formats are: JSON.


    • data: any

      the content of the file.

    • Optional format: "xscn"

    Returns Promise<any>

  • Checks if offline storage is currently available.

    Returns Promise<boolean>

  • Deletes the Snapshot for given snapshotID.


    • snapshotID: number

    Returns void

  • Imports the Session for the given data handle from the infrastructure.


    • handle: string

    Returns Promise<void>

  • Restores the Snapshot for the given snapshotID. The settings parameter allows to control the subset of the Snapshot data to be restored.


    Returns Promise<void>

  • Temporarily stores the Session in the infrastructure and returns a handle.


    Returns Promise<string | void>

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