License Server Usage Export#

For license fee calculation the license server records usage statistics. The license server provides an interface to view and export this usage.

If the license server endpoint is opened via browser an easy to understand UI can be used to export and view the usage.

For functional operation the license server endpoint only needs to be exposed to the pods of instant3Dhub. However network access to the license server must be opened in order for administration to get the usage export.

Alternatively the license server endpoint can be accessed via curl:

curl 'http://your.license.server:8200/usage/export' >

To export the usage for a specific time interval, define start and end as unix timestamps.

For example, the usage between 01.07.2022 and 31.07.2022 can be exported with the following timestamps: start=1656626400 and end=1659218400

curl "http://your.license.server:8200/usage/export?start=1656626400&end=1659218400

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