instant3Dhub’s pre-packaged applications allow for an easy start and deliver a whole range of features out-of-the-box. Under the hood, these applications are build on top of instant3Dhub’s unified APIs and can serve as a reference when implementing individual applications.


Front-End Applications#

Standard front-ends are:

  • webvis: Rapidly create new web applications using the JavaScript API (TypeScript supported) or simply integrate our powerful webvis-Application into your processes.

  • navis: Easily integrate 3D views directly or Qt-based into your native C++ application using navis.

  • jxvis: Widget-based integration of webvis (using JxBrowser) or navis to extend your Java applications with instant3Dhub.

Complementary, an increasing number of standard runtime environments for different platforms are under active development:

  • instant3Dhub iOS App: Connect web apps with local APIs to make e.g. the video streams usable for spectator users in collaborative sessions.

  • instant3Dhub VR Client: Delivers high quality rendering on-screen and in VR (Windows).

Please refer to the next chapter for a more detailed description of instant3Dhub’s feature packages.

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