Type alias BetweenMeasurementResultExperimental

BetweenMeasurementResult: {
    angle?: number;
    distance: number;
    points: [[number, number, number], [number, number, number]];

The result of a measurement between two targets.

ATTENTION This API is experimental and may be changed in the future without notice!

Type declaration

  • Optional angle?: number

    The angle between the two measurement targets if applicable.

  • distance: number

    The distance between the two measurement targets.

    • If the two measurement targets intersect the distance is zero.
  • points: [[number, number, number], [number, number, number]]

    The two 3D points used to calculate the distance.

    • If the two measurement targets intersect the two points are equal.
    • If the two measurement targets intersect and both are from the class PLANE the two points are used to describe the intersection line.

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